In-vitro Fertilisation Registry

In-vitro Fertilisation Registry

In July 1999 the Austrian Parliament adopted a Federal Act under which a fund for financing in-vitro fertilisation was established (IVF Fund Act), which regulates cost coverage for in-vitro fertilisation and the establishment of a fund in charge of financing as well as maintaining a registry.

For further information on eligibility for financial support and contractual hospitals please visit the website of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health link extern BMG (contents in German).

The Ministry of Health put GÖG/ÖBIG in charge of building, maintaining and managing the IVF Registry as well as providing accounting information for the IVF Fund and performing analyses on the basis of the data in the registry.

The type of data to be maintained in the registry was determined in cooperation with a scientific advisory board, and a computer database was then organised so that all IVF contractual hospitals as well as the IVF Fund may enter and obtain data online. The data on completed series of IVF attempts that are documented in the IVF Registry are analysed by GÖG/ÖBIG and communicated to the IVF contractual hospitals and the IVF Fund in the annual report of the IVF Registry. In addition, IVF contractual hospitals receive their data for anonymous comparison to other IVF centres in the context of a benchmarking process.

Contact: Reinhard Kern

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