Quality registries

One of the statutory tasks of the BIQG unit of GÖG is to develop and maintain quality registries for certain types of medical treatment as electronic databases, with the approval of the Austrian Data Protection Council. These registries combine nationwide data that permit conclusions regarding the quality of medical services. Each registry is compiled in cooperation with the respective service providers (e.g., hospitals) and the corresponding medical experts.

Nationwide uniform quality registries is aim at benchmarking on a regular basis among service providers and continuous quality improvement. The registries thus contribute to the provision of high-quality medical services for the Austrian population.

At present, registries are maintained in the following areas: surgery, cardiac surgery, pacemakers and loop recorders, hip endoprostheses, pulmonary and pleural cancer as well as stroke units; they are run as limited-access databases. For further information please consult BIQG’s activities regarding Quality registries and outcome qualityQuality registries and outcome quality.