Poison Control Centre
Emergency helpline: +43 1 406 43 43

In cases of suspected poisoning (brought about by pharmaceuticals, chemical substances, household products, narcotic substances or food, beverages or tobacco, plants, animals or other/unknown substances), toxicologically trained personnel may be consulted around the clock. Based on the facts communicated by phone, the personnel on duty assesses whether this is a health hazard or not and whether medical treatment is needed.

Important information in cases of emergency

After ingesting a substance that might be hazardous, or after any other contact with a suspicious substance: immediately call VIZ – before taking any other measure. In order to be able to assess your individual risk and give advice, the VIZ experts need the following information:

  • What: describe the substance or product in question as precisely as possible (pharmaceutical product, household product, chemical substance, plant part, illicit drug, etc.)
  • How much: specify the quantity taken as precisely as possible: how many pills, capsules, coated tablets? How many sips or draughts? How many tablespoonfuls/teaspoonfuls?
  • Who: give the age, weight, gender and general state of the person(s) concerned
  • When: at what time did it happen?
  • Where: where did it happen?
  • In which way: was the substance swallowed or inhaled or did the skin get in contact with it?
  • Why: was it accidental or deliberate poisoning?

Follow the instruction given by VIZ or go to the nearest physician’s office or hospital. Make sure to bring the package or parts of the suspicious substance or product.

EU emergency phone number: 112
Ambulance services: 144
Physician’s service: 141

Other services:
Information services for physicians and health care staff

Risk assessment and prognosis based on available data from the case history, with all necessary details such as type, toxicity, route of administration and quantity of substance(s) involved

Guidance regarding decisions on effective treatment measures to be taken as well as any specific forms of therapy (e.g., antidotes), taking into account the relevant case-related indications and contraindications

Assistance regarding diagnosis and differential diagnosis in dubious cases

Communication of special data on pharmaceuticals, industrial and natural chemical substances as well as assistance in scientific literature research

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