Opting-out Registry

Opting-out Registry of person refusing organ donation

In Austria, organs, parts of organs or tissue of potential donors may be removed if the person in question did not expressly refuse organ donation before their death.

In order to document such objections effectively, the Opting-out Registry of persons refusing organ donation was established. Apart from refusals documented in the Registry, also other forms of refusal of post-mortem organ donations are respected (e.g., a written explanation among the identification papers or an oral refusal witnessed by relatives).

The Opting-out Registry has primarily been designed for people living in Austria, and the Austrian social security number is used as the main identification tool. Persons who are staying in Austria for a short time only (for holidays, conferences, family visits) should preferably keep their written personal wishes regarding donations, among their identification papers (consent: I am willing to donate my organs; refusal: I do not want to donate my organs). Their wish is respected in the event of death. In addition, this person’s relatives are consulted.

For entries in, or cancellation of entries from, the Opting-out Register, please download the corresponding form (see below). Entries and cancellations are possible for persons of 16 years or older.

Please send the original of the signed form to: GÖG/ÖBIG,
Widerspruchsregister , Stubenring 6, A-1010 Wien.

Contact: Susanne Likarz, Tel.: +43 1 515 61, wr(at)goeg.at

download Formular Widerspruch gegen eine Organ- und/oder Gewebe- und/oder Zellenentnahme (PDF file, 290 KB)
download Datenschutzvereinbarung (in German; PDF file, 78 KB)

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