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Our emergency hotline on your safety data sheet: safety 24 hours a day

This service run by Gesundheit Österreich Beratungs GmbH permits enterprises in the chemical industry to refer to the Poison Control Centre (VIZ) as an emergency hotline that is listed in their safety data sheets.

VIZ functions as an emergency hotline in cases of poisoning and provides emergency services around the clock, thus meeting the requirements specified in the Austrian Dangerous Substances Decree and the relevant EU directives on standards for safety data sheets for dangerous preparations and various types of product information as well as safety data sheets for other products.

This service exclusively addresses manufacturers and distributors of products covered by the Austrian Dangerous Substances Decree. Consulting is provided 24 hours a day all year round, by doctors and toxicological experts. Information is available in German and in English.

Our clients receive an annual report on our consulting activities as well as statistical evaluations of the individual groups of products (number of enquiries, information on callers, age and gender of persons concerned). For the respective services, an annual flat sum is charged, depending on the number of products for which VIZ is named as an emergency hotline in the safety data sheets.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us for an application form that you sign and send back to us.

Contact: Klaus Kellner

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