GÖG/ÖBIG, in the context of its statutory functions, provides various services in the area of health care:

  • All interested parties are provided access to the data and evaluations of GÖG’s most important instrument: ÖGIS, the Austrian Health Information System, and REGIS, the Regional Health Information System.
  • The PPI Pharma Price Information service permits a comparison of prices and consequently helps contain costs of pharmaceuticals.
  • Austrian-based manufacturers and importers of medical devices have to register their products with the Medical Devices Registry when placing them on the Austrian market. Distributors may register on a voluntary basis.
  • The In-vitro Fertilisation Registry is connected to a national fund that makes available financial support of this type of intervention if certain conditions are met. The registry has to include the number of trials and resulting pregnancies in each contractual hospital.
  • The Poison Control Centre (VIZ) provides three services: operating an emergency hotline for private persons in cases of acute poisoning; listing of the VIZ as an emergency information centre in the safety data sheets of chemical enterprises; keeping emergency documents for enhancing safety in double-blind clinical trials.
  • The Opting-out Registry documents individual refusals of organ donations in the event of death.

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